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Aromatherapy machine What are the benefits
Jan 04, 2018

Aromatherapy machine is a can adjust the atmosphere, improve the quality of life taste of things, many families are equipped with it, the benefits of aromatherapy machine is very much, but there are many hazards Oh! We have to pay attention to when using the problem below to have a look.

Aromatherapy machine What are the benefits

Purifying air

Essential oil aromatherapy machine produces a large number of living oxygen negative ions, and harmful gases in the air molecules have a strong reaction, comprehensive removal, the complete elimination of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other hazards.

Use safe

Aromatherapy essential oils can produce 100% of the cold fog and active essential oil distribution, so that the oil can be more easily absorbed by the body to play the full effect of the maximum; 2 seconds to feel the original ecological effects of aromatherapy. Basically different from the traditional heating, burning hot fog way, the cold fog technology does not harm any of the ingredients of the oil, does not produce secondary pollution, the use of safer.

small volume

Essential oil aromatherapy machine water volume of about 100ml, just add 1-2 drops of water in the water can reach the aromatherapy effect, in line with the use of essential oil, economical and affordable. The humidifier volume capacity, mostly in 1L or so.

Good corrosion resistance

A good essential oil aromatherapy machine is the use of special ABS material yesterday, metal is also dedicated to the oil, water and chemical resistance.

Let the indoor air become fresh

When greeting guests or paying attention to the smell in the room, the air is made fresh by the fragrance of the essential oil aromatherapy machine.


A long time meeting in the office or study meditation alone, so that aromatherapy essential oil fragrance to refreshing.

Relax before going to bed

After a busy day, when you want to relax your body and mind, you will feel relaxed and comfortable with the fragrance of essential oils.

Aromatherapy machine is not fog how to do

1, aromatherapy is best not to use tap water, because high chlorine in tap water will destroy some of the beneficial ingredients of essential oils, it is recommended to use purified water. If it is the kind of plug-in ultrasonic aromatherapy machine can not use pure water, because it can not be ionized, there is no way to atomize

2, if not fog is estimated to be dirty or storage port was blocked. Wipe with a cotton swab just fine.

3, check out the fog mouth. May be blocked by a water film. Mouth blows out of the fog mouth, the fog will come out.