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Scent Air Machine for Large Eveironment 300 Cbm for Air Conditioning
Dec 17, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:k-03

  • Type:Portable

  • Usage:Home, Industry

  • Certification:CE, RoHS

  • Humidifier Type:Impeller / Cool Mist

  • Dehumidifier Type:Cooling

  • Humidity Control:Automatic

  • Voltage:AC 220V/50Hz (DC12 V)

  • Power:12W

  • Noise Level:15 Dba

  • Product Size:L180* W65* H21 Mm

  • Bottle Capacity:100 M /200 Ml

  • Color:White or Black

  • Material:Metel

Product Description

Aroma Diffuser for central air-conditioning

Aroma Diffusion System, Covers 200 to 5, 000 cubic meter area, Completely Discreet, Wall Mounted and HVAC versions. Unlike other less advanced scent technologies such as Oil Burner, Air Fresheners, Room Fragrance, Odor Control, Essential Oil Diffuser etc. Which heat the scent and pump air into the fragrance liquid, the scent diffuser technology uses cold air micro-nebulisation technology.
1. Scent Diffuser System includes two parts: Fragrance Diffuser System and Installing accessories (includes Exhaust Ventilation Hoses, Installing Plate).
2. It can set different working days, working periods and adjust fragrance density by programmed controlling.
3. When add essential oil into the bottle and open the switch, it can last diffusing fragrance.

-Complete transfer of liquid into scented air within the system dry scenting

* No heating

* No mist

* Perfectly controllable

* Low maintenance

* Mobile system built into a stable case which allows usage in rough environment. At events. Ect
Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ (DC12 V)
Power: 12W
Noise level: 15 dba
Product Size: L180* W65* H21 mm
Bottle capacity: 100 ml

The Product:

He Aroma diffusion systems is a stand-along system. Due to micro- nebulization technology. The system delivers perfectly controlled scent impressions in the area of up to 250 sqm-(2700 suqare ft). The unit can be installed wherever needed. Replacement of cartridges depends on settings but usually necessary every3 to 6 weeks


Enhances the ambient atmosphere in shops, hotels, lobbies. Clubs, restaurants, malls, casinos, saps, supermarkets, gyms

Maintenance and service

The Aroma diffusion systems requires minimal maintenance. Installation support is recommended. Service is recommended once year. Preventive maintenance every two years.
1 year after installation. Usage of certified cartridges is mandatory.

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