Large Aroma Diffuser

The Large Aroma Diffuser decomposes the water molecules and the dissolved plant essential oils into nanometer-sized cold mists with a diameter of 0.1-5 micrometers, which are distributed in the surrounding air to maintain a high humidity in the room, by the high-frequency oscillations generated by the ultrasonic oscillating device. It can also produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions, purifies the air, and achieves the aromatherapy effect.
It is light in weight that it is portable that it is easy to move and transport. And it is able to provide lighting while it is available of the lighting color. It is durable that it can keep working for a long time and it is noiseless that it works silently.
It is able to make you start the day with good mood, bringing with comfortable using experience. And it is convenient to use with simple operation.
The products are produced by the professional manufacturer and supplier in China that our company is able to provide the wholesale service that you can buy the products with cheap price from our factory. With the standards of ISO9001:2000 and CE, it is of guaranteed quality.
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