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2016 Sensky New Arrival Wood Aroma Diffuser
Jun 08, 2016

The New Arrival Wood Aroma Diffuser SK020F


This new wood aroma diffuser is designed by Bester Tech. to cater to the marketing demands.We will introduce the product features,funtions as follows for your reference.

Product Feartuer:

 1. Large capacity,400ML

 2. Long working hour,Max 10 hours

 3. 4 mode timing,ON,1/2/3 hours

 4. Adjustable mist,Low/Middle/High

 5. Changeable LED lights,7 rainbown colors and also can fix one color on your choice

 7. Wood surface,classic,as the decoration in using place


 1. Aroma diffuser:Using advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology to release the essential oils with their 100%  purest form and it easily inhaled and absorbed

 2. Humidifier:Creating air moisture for the dry conditions and create small quantity water without dampness.

 3. Air Purifier:Releasing lots of anions,which will react with dust and impurities of the air

 4. Night Lamp:Pressing the button to choose you wanted color as the night lamp for your sweet sleep

If want to try this wood type of aroma diffuser,pls feel free to contact us