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Aroma Diffuser Is Used In The Correct Way To Open It
Aug 23, 2017

Aroma Diffuser is used in the correct way to open it
 Have you heard of those who have not properly used the Aroma Diffuser to burn the house, people are electric shocks? Whether it is news reports or life is sure to hear a lot of it. It is because the correct use of the consequences. To avoid these situations, we must first know the use of electric heating method, the following fighting Wo Xiaobian tell you the use of electric heating the correct way to open:
First, the Aroma Diffuser's power supply must use a qualified, grounded three-hole socket, otherwise there will be a risk of leakage. Aroma Diffuser power is large, not with high-power electrical appliances, as well as welding machine, impact drill and so on at the same time, or easy to damage the Aroma Diffuser. In addition, the socket can not be located just above the Aroma Diffuser to prevent heat from heating. When no room in the room, be sure to pull the Aroma Diffuser power.
Second, the Aroma Diffuser can not cover the items. Aroma Diffuser surface temperature is high, once covered items, the heat can not be distributed in time, will cause burner.
Third, in the installation and placement, the Aroma Diffuser should be placed in a place not easy to touch, away from the combustible material, the back of the wall should be about 20 cm. If the electric heater placed in the bathroom heating, but also to be particularly careful. Some Aroma Diffuser does have a waterproof function, but if the power outlet is in the bathroom, there is still a security risk. It is best to install the power outlet in the bathroom, and the Aroma Diffuser wire to have insulated rubber protection, and to ensure that the connection with the body 100% waterproof.
Fourth, the quality supervision departments and consumer associations are solemnly recommended in the purchase of electric heaters, the best choice to obtain "ccc" (China Compulsory Products) certified products. In addition, should buy no fire, and with overheating protection device products, because in the winter tightly tight room, the fire will not only consume indoor oxygen, pollute the environment, a little carelessness may also occur burns, fires and other accidents.
Fifth, the Aroma Diffuser work, the surface temperature is high, so that the indoor air becomes dry, if used improperly, will make people breathing poor, whole body heat, causing adverse health effects. Such as skin damage. Cold weather, people like to close to the Aroma Diffuser, some people also like the handle, feet on the heat sink, so easy to burn. Some people who are afraid of cold Aroma Diffuser directly to the body blowing, although the moment warm, but if so long, it will burn the skin. In addition, the dermatologist special pointed out that the autumn and winter season, the weather is relatively dry and cold, the skin will gradually lose the surface of oil, poor moisturizing ability, coupled with the use of Aroma Diffuser, the indoor environment is more dry, easy to chapped skin, itching. Therefore, the doctor reminded not to be too close to the Aroma Diffuser, in particular, do not let the Aroma Diffuser outlet directly close to the body part of the heating.
 Summer is the season of mosquito flooding, if that season people have any trouble, mosquito bites annoying trouble, in this situation, the Aroma Diffuser to become the summer home life essential household appliances.
Usually female mosquitoes to suck people's blood as food, when the mosquito satiate, floating away, the bites of the skin often appear from the package and itching symptoms, mosquitoes can spread the disease, giving people health harm. So it is necessary to buy a mosquito killer in the summer.
Now the market common Aroma Diffuser can be divided into electronic Aroma Diffuser and airflow mosquito lamp two. Electronic Aroma Diffuser is the use of mosquito phototaxis, the mosquitoes to attract them to shock death; air mosquito lamp with a fan, is the air through the mosquito adsorption, resulting in its death.
In contrast, the electronic Aroma Diffuser circuit design current limit, low power consumption, high efficiency, easy to use, without any chemical substances volatile. Air suction mosquito lamp smaller, can carry, generally used for the family.