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Can Pregnant Women Use Essential Oil Diffuser?
Aug 23, 2017

Can pregnant women use Essential Oil Diffuser?
Essential Oil Diffuser, is our winter commonly used heating tools, but many people fear that the oil diffuser has radiation. Since there is radiation, then, pregnant women can not use it? The following with the fighting Wo small series to see whether pregnant women can use Essential Oil Diffuser:
 Pregnant women can use Essential Oil Diffuser. Essential Oil Diffuser, can be widely used in residential, office, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, train cars and other mobile heating, simple activities, and other civil and public buildings. What is the impact of radiation on the fetus are those who know more obvious large-scale radiation, such as nuclear power plant nuclear radiation and the like. Does the Essential Oil Diffuser have radiation? Does the Essential Oil Diffuser be harmful to the human body? How can we avoid the radiation of the Essential Oil Diffuser?
As for the radiator is radiation, the answer is yes, but the oil diffuser only exists thermal radiation, and there is no threat to the body of electromagnetic radiation. Household appliances are necessary for modern household goods, but because of the general household appliances in the shielding of radiation sources or do better, so mothers do not need to be too sensitive as a scared bird.
Area to introduce you to the Essential Oil Diffuser there is radiation, whether the proliferation of Essential Oil Diffuser. May be a lot of worry about the radiation problems are our pregnant women, that is, mothers. Whether it is the proliferation of Essential Oil Diffuser or other household appliances whether there is radiation, have been too much imagination of everyone. Do not think too much about the so-called radiation will lead to how the fetus, to believe the correct science.
Scope can be widely used in residential, office, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, train cars and other mobile heating, simple activities, and other civil and public buildings.
All household appliances will have radiation, but the radiation dose is very weak, within the scope of human safety. The market sales of household heating, electromagnetic frequency is only 50Hz, the electromagnetic radiation dose is actually very small, basically negligible. Pioneer Essential Oil Diffuser itself electromagnetic radiation is weak, if people stand outside the 1 meter, by the impact of radiation is minimal, does not constitute a health injury.
 Essential Oil Diffuser (straight type) basically equipped with three kinds of protection devices:
【One】 flame protection device
This device is in the wind or hypoxia, the flint (also known as the ignition or long fire) flame, reverse the protection device to start, and cause the Essential Oil Diffuser flameout, while switching the total valve automatically shut off the gas source to play a protective role Of the device.
How it works: The use of two kinds of metal thermocouple combination, in the flint will be heated after a small current (thermoelectric), the thermal current will start the gas control valve solenoid, pushing the closed valve. If the flames are stalled, or the flames are blown away from the thermocouple or the flames are weakened, the heat is generated, the thermocouple instantly cools, the thermoelectric disappears, the electromagnet loses its magnetism, causes the valve to be pushed off by the spring, Cut off the gas source, play a protective role.
Therefore, the thermocouple must be heated to a certain extent in order to generate current, so the initial ignition, the flames were lit, but also keep the ignition switch for 3-5 seconds, it will not let go of Essential Oil Diffuser fire. Also be careful not to move the thermocouple's mounting position.
【2】 hypoxia protection device
The Essential Oil Diffuser generates CO2 and H2O (water vapor) during combustion. These gases are harmless to the human body, but in the absence of ventilation in a narrow or confined space for a long time using Essential Oil Diffuser, oxygen will be less and less, CO2 will increase, and thus feel uncomfortable. In addition, the Essential Oil Diffuser essential combustion of oxygen required, will occur incomplete combustion, resulting in CO, the ultimate threat to human safety. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an oxygen protection device on the home Essential Oil Diffuser. The oxygen protection device on the Essential Oil Diffuser is set in the room when the oxygen content in the air reaches (19.5-19.7%) the CO2 concentration rises to the preset (0.8-1.3%. This concentration is much earlier than the person can feel To), the flames of the flames will be floating, the result of the thermocouple can not reach the temperature of the current, so that the valve closed off the gas source.
therefore. The core technology of the Essential Oil Diffuser is also embodied in the precision fabrication technology of the hypoxia protection device. In normal temperature can start normally. The device is well made, generally not easy to replace parts or repair. If you need to replace, replace the entire unit as a whole. Regularly check the Essential Oil Diffuser using compressed air to remove dust and foreign matter from the jet. Do not use a needle or wire.