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Electric Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Color LED Light (SK023)
Jul 29, 2016

Basic Info

Products Size:Φ110*80mm 
Ultrasion   rate:3MHZ
Power supply   input:DC 5V  700MA 
Max time:6~8hours 
Effective areaAroma 10 , humidification 6
Adjustable   Mist: No
Essential oil:Yes
Button:Touch control   button   
Light:2pcs RGB LED, 7 color   mode   
Water:Tap water /Purified   water 
Accessory:USB cable  ,user manual

Electric Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier With Color LED Light

Bedroom, Living room, Beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Conference room, Office, Reception center, Toilet, baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private / public circumstance.

1.Great for your car and office. It has a USB cable & an adapter to plug into your car.
2.Three functions: humidification, aroma diffusion and air purification.
3.Small size and it is portable.It is perfect for travel.
4.Increase air humidity,clean air, smoke and dust.
5.If the water level inside the unit runs too low, it will automatically stop operating even you activate it.

1.Humidifier provides moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin. Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation, monitor the shortage of water automatically and ensure the safety
2.Enjoys the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this little sleek device using your favorite fragrance without any heating elements making this diffuser safe to use
3.Moisturizes and refreshes the quality of air we breathe. Humidifies the hot and dry air in the room during summer and winter when heating is switched on
4.Keep essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating and automatic shut off safely. 4 Timer 5.settings: 120 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes
Preventive Measures

In order to avoid electric shock, physical injuries or accidents such as fires while using this product, please read carefully the following points:
If overflow occurs:
1. Unplug the power supply and unscrew the cover;
2. Pour out the remaining water from the drainage hole location;
3. Gently shake the machine, let the water drain and air dry for 24 hours before use.
To ensure that:
. The machine have already been cleaned
. Every time after use, pour away the water inside the machine and then use the cloth to wipe dry
. After continuous use for a long time, please reuse after cool down for at least 60 minutes
This machine is available only with tap water and distilled water
*Pour out remaining water from the drainage hole location of the machine before or after use, keep the machine in a dry and cool place.
*If the product has been used for several times, please unplug the power plug and pour away the water left inside, Clean the inside of the machine and supply-air outlet with a damp cloth.
*If you want to change the essential oils, make sure that you clean the unit before using, in order to avoid different essential oil blend and then affecting the original fragrance of essential oils.
*You can also clean with a mild detergent which you use to clean the kitchen, but make sure that no detergent left on the machine.

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