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Essential Oil Diffuser To Lead The New Trend Of Perfume Fitness
Oct 13, 2017

Essential Oil Diffuser to lead the new trend of perfume fitness
Essential Oil Diffuser Fitness can be traced back to yoga practice long before they are practiced with mediocre perfume, sesame oil, and so on. They are used to bathe, apply to the body, or incense the spices and clothes and make it clean Body, purify the purpose of practice environment. Modern sense of Essential Oil Diffuser yoga is the integration of Western civilization 2000 years of aromatherapy. In the practice of yoga, the use of incense, spray, massage, rubbed, etc., so that plant aroma factor through the five senses into the body, adjust the nerves, soothe emotions, soothe the mind, improve the mental state, balance the physiological function, Comfortable, harmonious, unified.
You can follow the following steps to carry out Essential Oil Diffuser fitness:
First, take 5 minutes to breathe. 5 minutes The main function of breathing is to keep yourself quiet. Sitting cross-legged on the blanket, eyes closed, hands on both sides of the knee. And then use the nose to suck, but be careful not to Minzui.
Second, the semi-vertebral twist turn.
Third, the semi-vertebrae tilted.
Kneel on the blanket, the hips as close as possible to the heel. Then the shoulder is clamped backwards, and the palm of your hand is stretched upward. In addition, there are cat back, triangular, crescent-style, etc., is very useful for shaping the leg lines.
By the fragrance of the Essential Oil Diffuser, Qinglie music, the lonely world, close your eyes, relax your body, collect your desire, open your mind, deep, deep breath, by this Plant essential oils of the fragrant journey, try to use aromatherapy fitness way to take care of your body --- like her, care for her, listen to her, respect her, perfect her. Opening and closing breathing, bending after the twist, adjust interest, adjust the body, mind, inadvertently, you have become a healthy, happy, balanced, beautiful, wisdom, intellectual woman.
Now the aromatherapy fitness mainly rely on Essential Oil Diffuser atomizing aromatherapy essential oils, not only to achieve the effect of aromatherapy, but also clean the air, is the best way to perfume fitness. The introduction of the essential oil oil diffuser, both from the material selection, product structure design, the core atomization film, electronic circuits and components, chip spoon, etc. are specifically for the development of plant essential oils. Material selection of imported PP, oil and water resistant to corrosion. The use of ultrasonic technology, the oil and water molecules atomized to the nano-level, even smaller fog particles, humidification effect is more obvious, and very quickly will be extremely delicate aromatherapy molecules distributed to every corner. According to the different elements of essential oils, can play a role in purifying the air, comfortable and healthy, is the best choice for aromatherapy fitness.
The interior of the winter, after heating and air conditioning heating, warm but dry. Too low relative humidity will take away the body of water, let us feel worse, there nosebleeds, dry mouth and so painful experience. Not only that, the humidity is too low will induce colds, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases. Studies have shown that the relative humidity is too low, but also make the flu virus and highly pathogenic Gram-resistant bacteria to speed up the breeding. Therefore, the dry winter, buy an Essential Oil Diffuser to enhance the indoor humidity is still very necessary.
Essential Oil Diffuser buy "five look"
1, see the oil diffuser power and humidification
This is the key to determine the effect of humidification, the greater the power and humidification, humidification effect is more obvious, the higher the relative humidity of the room. But it should be noted that the air relative humidity is not the bigger the better. Indoor relatively suitable relative humidity range is 40% -60%, relative humidity above this range, easy to mold, breeding mites and bacteria.
2, see Essential Oil Diffuser control panel
A good Essential Oil Diffuser should have at least the air volume / fog set, relative humidity setting and timing function so that you can have a basic control of the humidification process. If an oil diffuser has only one switch or knob, it is not recommended to buy it.
3, see the oil tank diffuser capacity and water difficult degree
Larger water tank capacity so you do not have frequent water, large water nozzle to make water more convenient.