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How Can I Use An Essential Oil Diffuser To Avoid Harm To The Body?
Aug 14, 2017

How can I use an Essential Oil Diffuser to avoid harm to the body?
 1. Can not be directly used to add tap water, due to the existence of a variety of tap water tapes, scale, precipitation, direct use easily lead to air quality decline, PM2.5 rise, so do not directly use tap water humidification.
2. Use Essential Oil Diffuser to regularly clean the inside of the Essential Oil Diffuser water tank. As with other appliances, the Essential Oil Diffuser will produce large amounts of bacteria and contaminants in the long-term use. If there is no timely cleaning, Bacteria and contaminants can enter the body's respiratory system with air and affect your health.
3. The use of moderate, not all-day use, Essential Oil Diffuser humidification effect is generally more obvious, but the use of Essential Oil Diffuser to a certain degree, in general, Essential Oil Diffuser is not suitable for all-day use. One is likely to cause indoor humidity is too large, and secondly easy to make home furniture and vulnerable to moisture damage.
4. To ensure the use of distance, arthritis patients with caution, we should have this common sense, that is, arthritis patients are very afraid of humid environment, a rainy day and wet weather, arthritis is easy to disease, the use of essential oil in the indoor diffuser is the same Reason, the humidity is too large for arthritis patients will exacerbate the condition, so if the family has arthritis patients, as little as possible with Essential Oil Diffuser or simply do not. The other is the use of Essential Oil Diffuser in the process, to try to ensure that the use of Essential Oil Diffuser distance, to prevent ultrasonic radiation damage.
Currently on the market of home mini-Essential Oil Diffuser with the most is the ultrasonic technology spray. Ultrasonic technology is a more mature technology in the world, has been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with 200 million times per second ultrasonic high-frequency shock, the water mist into 1 micron to 5 microns of ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, through the wind device, the water mist spread to the air, so that the air moist And accompanied by a wealth of negative oxygen ions, to achieve uniform humidification.
 So how does the Essential Oil Diffuser maintain the cleaning?
With regard to the cleaning frequency of the Essential Oil Diffuser, the ultrasonic oil diffuser is preferably cleaned once a week. In the cleaning of Essential Oil Diffuser, we mainly for the water tank and shock plate to carry out cleaning. Essential Oil Diffuser tank is a filthy place, if not timely cleaning, it is easy to breed bacteria. Dust in the air is also easy to enter the tank, and soon formed a layer of bacterial membrane. If the tank is not thoroughly cleaned, these bacteria will come to the air with the spray of the Essential Oil Diffuser, causing secondary pollution. The shock film is the most prone to scale place, in the cleaning to pay special attention.
What materials are needed to clean the oil diffuser?
In the cleaning of household Essential Oil Diffuser generally use a special Essential Oil Diffuser cleaning solution, if there is no cleaning solution at home can also be used at any time to buy white vinegar. Because we used the appearance of the Essential Oil Diffuser tank, the internal hand wash is not convenient, in order to remove the water
Water temperature control: the temperature of the water temperature to be controlled below 40 ℃. Never clean the surface of the oil diffuser covered with dust, we first use a half dry paper towel to clean the appearance, not the whole machine into the water or rinse with water, can not use kerosene or alcohol and other solutions to wipe, whether it is clean inside the tank Or wipe the outside of the Essential Oil Diffuser, should be careful not to use steel balls or other hard objects scrape.