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How Does Aroma Diffuser Work?
Sep 13, 2017

How does Aroma Diffuser work?
Currently on the market of home mini Aroma Diffuser with the most is the ultrasonic technology spray. Ultrasonic technology is a more mature technology in the world, has been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses 200 million times per second ultrasonic high-frequency shock, the water mist into 1 micron to 5 microns of ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, through the wind device, the water mist spread to the air, so that the air moist Accompanied by a wealth of negative oxygen ions, to achieve uniform humidification.
So how does Aroma Diffuser care for cleaning?
For Aroma Diffuser's cleaning frequency, Ultrasound Aroma Diffuser is best cleaned once a week. When cleaning Aroma Diffuser, we are mainly cleaning the tank and shock plate. Aroma Diffuser's tank is a filthy place, if not timely cleaning, it is easy to breed bacteria. Dust in the air is also easy to enter the tank, and soon formed a layer of bacterial membrane. If the tank is not clean, these bacteria will come with the Aroma Diffuser spray into the air, causing secondary pollution. The shock film is the most prone to scale place, in the cleaning to pay special attention.
What materials are needed to clean Aroma Diffuser?
In the cleaning of home Aroma Diffuser generally use a dedicated Aroma Diffuser cleaning solution, if the home does not have cleaning fluid can also be used at any time to buy white vinegar. Because we use the Aroma Diffuser water tank appearance of the reasons, the internal hand wash is not convenient, in order to remove the water
Water temperature control: the temperature of the water temperature to be controlled below 40 ℃. Never cleaned Aroma Diffuser surface covered with dust, we first use a semi-dry paper towel to clean the appearance, not the whole machine into the water or water rinse, not with kerosene or alcohol and other solutions to wipe, whether it is clean inside the tank or Wipe Aroma Diffuser outside, be careful not to use steel balls or other hard objects scrape.
Aroma Diffuser water tank cleaning step
After the appearance of clean, the first water tank removed. If your home Aroma Diffuser is designed for large intakes, you can reach your hands in a water tank and clean it with a cloth. But many consumers to buy the machine inlet is very small, the hand does not stretch into, how can this be done?
Small imported water tank, you can use the rice to get. Will be a small amount of rice into the water tank, add water, so that rice in the tank can be completely active to open. Screw the lid of the inlet and shake the bacterial membrane on the inner wall of the tank. In the process of shaking, rice and the wall to produce a strong friction, like a pair of small hands like the dirty things in the water tank all caught down.
The dirty water poured out and then add water shake, so repeated several times, the water tank is clean, and finally the water inside the tank out. Some people say that this is a bit of a waste of food, of course, the rest of our rice can also be used to scrub the home, pouring water. Clean the water tank as bright as the new, it seems that my heart feel a lot more comfortable.
What is Aroma Diffuser cleaning?
Finally, we have to clean up the scale near the shock plate. The Chen water inside the main tank sink down, gently wipe with a paper towel for energy and sensors. Take an empty cup and mix the water with white vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio, soak all parts around the machine with a mixed solution.
Soak the time according to the thickness of the water alkali may be, if very thick, then soak for half an hour, if we usually wash regularly, just soak a few minutes on it. You can see the scale encountered white vinegar solution began to bubble decomposition, with a cotton swab, or wrapped in soft cloth chopsticks to each part of the water alkali gently wipe away. Use a cotton swab with a white vinegar solution, and clean the bottom of the tank with the scale of the main tank. After cleaning, rinse with water, basically clean the task of Aroma Diffuser is complete.
In order to avoid the formation of scale, it is recommended that you try to use pure water or clean tap water humidification, because the tap water contains a variety of minerals, will affect its service life. Each time you use Aroma Diffuser, you should replace the remaining water in the sink to avoid the quality of your home.
After the end of each year, the sink, the water tank in the remaining water drained, the parts of the cleaning, dry, dry, and then into the box collection, to avoid the use of a lot of trouble in the future.
Usually use Aroma Diffuser, it is best placed in the plane of about 1 meter high, as far as possible away from heat, corrosive and furniture, but also to avoid direct sunlight. Aroma Diffuser is good, but it's still very dangerous for a long time without cleaning. Do it yourself to clean up your Aroma Diffuser, not only to protect our health, look at the new machine, the spirit of pleasure is the workers can understand.