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How Does Essential Oil Diffuser Work Correctly In The Office?
Sep 13, 2017

How does Essential Oil Diffuser work correctly in the office?
Although the summer heat, but in the office of white-collar workers who are prepared for a jacket or a small batch of shoulder to prevent being frozen, mainly because the metropolitan high-grade office air conditioning are below 20 degrees, by There are two problems with the air conditioning cooling office, one is dry, the second is the air is not good, so many small white-collar workers are keeping a mini Essential Oil Diffuser, purify the air, moisturize the skin. So how should the Mini Essential Oil Diffuser on the desk be used correctly? Today we give you one by one:
Essential Oil Diffuser
1, Essential Oil Diffuser distance from the computer
The office is generally a computer printer and other electrical appliances more places, should be away from the moisture, or will damage the electrical appliances, then the mini Essential Oil Diffuser should be and the distance between the computer is so far, it depends on your use of Essential Oil Diffuser is large or small, pay attention to the nozzle do not face the computer, the big Essential Oil Diffuser try to put away the point, it is recommended to use the mini Essential Oil Diffuser, convenient and safe.
2, add 2-5 drops of aroma, essential oils
Air-conditioned room in a sealed environment, we may eat in the inside ah what the taste is more complex, this time, especially women suggested in the Essential Oil Diffuser inside a few drops of essential oil, like lemon essential oil rose oil can, but also from To calm, refreshing the role.
3, not the more water mist the better
Many small partners may feel that the greater the water mist Essential Oil Diffuser is not the effect of replenishment is better, but we also remember that anything is appropriate and can be too much fog, air conditioning room in the case of low temperature Will be careful because of moisture caused by cold cough, so do not fog too much.
4, how is the water replacement
Many people recommend the use of mineral water to add Essential Oil Diffuser, so as to minimize the damage to Essential Oil Diffuser, to extend the Essential Oil Diffuser life, in fact, tap water can, but we remember every day you can change, such as some time to leave ah One or two days did not come to the office, directly open Essential Oil Diffuser, inside the water has been old, easily lead to bacterial growth.
5. Clean Essential Oil Diffuser
It is very important that you regularly clean Essential Oil Diffuser, because Essential Oil Diffuser is staying with water, water is very easy to produce harmful substances such as bacteria, regular cleaning timer is necessary, the cold weather we can use warm water Water cleaning, pay attention to the place where you can not touch the water to be careful.
6, Essential Oil Diffuser Best
For office workers, a large Essential Oil Diffuser seems to have no access to all, so it is recommended to prepare a mini Essential Oil Diffuser, recommended now more popular USB Essential Oil Diffuser, directly inserted on the computer You can work, and carry, cleaning, and very much cute.
Essential Oil Diffuser can increase the moisture in the air, alleviate the dry skin caused by air drying, poor spirit, head and brain swelling and other symptoms, really indispensable health small appliances. If you can use Essential Oil Diffuser correctly, you will find that Essential Oil Diffuser also has a lot of magical effects, proper humidification in the room to keep the wooden furniture from deformation, and the walls are not cracked. But each product has a life expectancy, how should the correct use to be able to maximize the life of Essential Oil Diffuser, and better services we do? Shenzhen Hui Qi Mei Xiaobian to give you talk about home with a fan of Essential Oil Diffuser use.