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Intelligent Aroma Diffuser New Features And Future Direction Of Development
Sep 26, 2017

Intelligent Aroma Diffuser new features and future direction of development
In the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, smart home has become a high-tech business model, many technology companies and manufacturers to develop new smart home products. Smart Aroma Diffuser was born in such a big environment where Intelligent Aroma Diffuser opened the product and enabled the smartphone technology to meet the best user experience with Aroma Diffuser.
Intelligent Aroma Diffuser new features and future direction of development
Smart Aroma Diffuser makes Fusion of smart home and home health products. Now the new products are intelligent Aroma Diffuser and the top series of essential oils, product fashion, health, immediate, compatibility, vividly played the Internet thinking. Aromatherapy fitness, aromatherapy sleep, aromatherapy refreshing and other uses. What are the unique product features of Smart Aroma Diffuser compared to the usual Aroma Diffuser?
First, intelligent voice control The current intelligent control of household products, the mainstream of remote network control and a key scenario mode control, voice control is the latest research and development of an AI technology, in the smart home 3.0 era will become the mainstream control mode. Smart Aroma Diffuser uses Alexa intelligent voice control technology, not only has a voice control function, but also memory and learning the user's habits, fully fit the user habits.
Second, negative ions to clean up the air
Smart Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic atomization technology, adding pure water and pure natural essential oil mixture, it is high frequency vibration, the pure water and essential oil molecules in the form of ice mist instantaneously distributed in the air, so that the body can naturally absorb. In addition to purifying the air, but also to speed up the release of formaldehyde in the room, so that the newly renovated house can be faster and more secure to stay.
Third, dry burn power protection Dry burn power protection is intelligent Aroma Diffuser generally owned function, Aroma Diffuser in the container when the water is dry automatically power off, to avoid burning Aroma Diffuser. Users use as long as the container by adding the right amount of pure water and aromatherapy essential oil on it, no longer have to worry about how long the water will dry or when to turn off Aroma Diffuser, so that users more peace of mind.
With the economic development, people's pursuit of quality of life is also rising rapidly, which fragrance solution has become a new concept. Aroma Diffuser is widely used in residential, hotel, shopping malls, KTV, leisure clubs and other fields, becoming one of the mainstream products of fragrance market, more popular than traditional perfume.
    Long duration
Indoor fragrance design is the most important thing to ensure the duration of fragrance and fragrance effect, Aroma Diffuser mainly rely on natural plant aroma essential oils spread fragrance, in the high frequency vibration of ultrasound, the aroma of essential oils and water molecules atomized to the nano-level, evenly spread To the air. Such as 300ml capacity Aroma Diffuser can continue to work 6 to 8 hours, aroma effect can be maintained for 3 to 7 days. Everyone knows that perfume is mostly made from alcohol and spices, and that alcohol has the characteristics of rapid evaporation, although it can make the aroma spread quickly, but the maintenance time is short, usually only one day.
"Perfume poisonous" argument Although not all right, but the fragrance of aromatic hydrocarbons and other ingredients do damage to the human body, in the case of low concentrations can be ignored, but the perfume is usually used to spray, easy to cause local area aroma concentration high. Aroma Diffuser is safer than perfume, it can atomize the natural plant essential oil to the nanometer level, and the water generated by the negative ions can purify the air, play the role of air cleaner, in addition to the decomposition of new homes, the release of new furniture Of benzene and formaldehyde, is the home fragrance program of choice.
Perfume mainly provides users with its cost and brand cost is relatively high, if the fragrance for the indoor environment is not cost-effective, cheap chemical fragrance perfume flavor is more exciting, not suitable for home fragrance. Aroma Diffuser uses plant aromatherapy essential oil to atomize it into the air. When used, it will use aromatherapy essential oil and pure water. Only one and two drops of aromatherapy essential oil are added at every time. It is economical and affordable. select.