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Oil Burners Or Electric Essential Oil Diffusers: What Is Better And Why?
Jun 08, 2016

Aromatherapy has advanced and become very popular in its demeanor these days. There are plenty of ways with which you can connect with the goodness of nature. One such way is through aromatherapy and having said that, there are essential oils which are loaded with goodness of nature.

They are extracted from the age old herbs and shrubs around the world and packed with goodness that heightens the senses and relaxes your mind and body. The soothing effects of essential oils can now be benefited through various methods. Two of the popular methods of benefiting from these aromatic essential oils are by using oil burners and electric diffusers. Let us compare both these methods and see which one is better and why.

What Is An Oil Burner/ Warmer?


An oil burner lamp or an oil warmer has a cup which holds the essential oil on the top while the bottom part of it has space to keep a burner like a candle lamp or a wick. The heat from the fire below goes to the above part which in turn heats and evaporates the essential oil and gives out the fragrance. While oil burners are very aromatic and effective, they also have a drawback.

In case of excessive heat, they tend to burn or over-burn the oil above while breaking the molecules of the essential oil and releasing plain fumes instead of getting the benefits of the aromatherapy. Essential oil burners or warmers are very popular, cheap, need no electricity and can be placed almost anywhere to get effective results. They are more natural in its form and the aroma of the oil spreads evenly in the room.

What are Electric Essential Oil Diffusers?

An electric diffuser, obviously, uses electricity to convert the essential oils into a mist which then spreads in the room it has been placed. The motor placed in the diffuser acts as a nebulizer (which is one of the types of electric diffusers) which in turn helps in the emission of the essential oils into the air.

There are ultrasonic diffusers which also work with electricity but uses different mechanism to convert the oil into a mist which diffuses into the air. An electric diffuser is effective for large areas like a living room and can help clean the environment and give a fragrant feel to the room it is placed. Overall, it is more environmental friendly than an oil burner.

Thus, depending upon the usage, both the electric diffuser and oil burners have their own therapeutic benefits and usages. In most cases they work equally well and one can benefit from the aromatherapy essentials which they have to offer. However as far as safety and technology is concerned, electric oil diffusers are safer and more advanced. These are specially recommended at homes where you have smaller kids due to its safety feature.