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Popular Sensky Patent Dinosuar Egg Aroma Diffuser
Aug 10, 2016

Shenzhen Bester Technology is established in 2007 and designed many types of aroma diffuser to meet the market demands.Many of our types are popular in market.

And now there is one type of aorma diffuser SK020F,hot sale since last year.

The design concept of Aroma Diffuser SK020F is derived from the Easter Egg.The egg means spring and new life.So we hope our dinosaur egg brings you happiness mentally&physically.

It have three main funcitons,essential oil diffuser,frgrance humidiifer and night lamp.

Also it has the following advanges,

1.400ML large capcity and Max.10 working hours

2.ABS+PP materials,ABS smoothing feeling and PP anti-corrosion

3.Adjustable mis,low/middle/high

4.Timing,1/2/3 hours,ON

5.LED light,changeable colors or one single color on your demands

PS. OEM,ODM and small order are acceptable. The dots of cover also can be replaced by other shapes regarding to your requires.

If like this type of aroma diffuser SK020F,pls feel free to contact us.