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The Best Choice: Ultrasonic Diffusers!
Jun 08, 2016

An ultrasonic diffuser is a popular type of aroma diffuser.What makes this diffuser special is that it emits moisture and the scent of whatever oil you choose to use. This is perfect for congested children or to use during the dry winter months.

These aroma diffusers are unique in that they and the water moisture they emit remain cool. This is important, especially when this item is going to be left on a sick child’s bedside. If a child, or anyone else, were to accidentally tip over the unit, cool water with the cool oil would spill out and no one would be harmed. This is a big improvement over traditional humidifiers which often heat the water to very high temperatures. Obviously, however, if you live in a damp, humid climate this is surely not the best diffuser for you.