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The Working Principle Of This Essential Oil Diffuser Is Simple
Oct 24, 2017

The working principle of this Essential Oil Diffuser is simple
1. Can not be directly used to add tap water, due to the existence of a variety of tap water, scale, precipitation, direct use of easy to lead to air quality decline, PM2.5 rise, so do not directly use tap water humidification.
2. Use Essential Oil Diffuser to regularly clean the inside of the Essential Oil Diffuser water tank. As with other appliances, the Essential Oil Diffuser will produce large amounts of bacteria and contaminants in the long-term use. If there is no timely cleaning, Bacteria and contaminants will enter the body's respiratory system with air and affect your health.
3. The use of moderate, not all-day use, Essential Oil Diffuser humidification effect is generally more obvious, but the use of Essential Oil Diffuser to a certain degree, in general, Essential Oil Diffuser is not suitable for all-day use. One is likely to cause indoor humidity is too large, and secondly easy to make home furniture and vulnerable to moisture damage.
4. to ensure the use of distance, arthritis patients with caution, we should have this common sense, that is, patients with arthritis is very afraid of humid environment, one rain and wet weather, arthritis is easy to disease, the use of essential oils in the indoor diffuser is the same Reason, the humidity is too large for arthritis patients will exacerbate the condition, so if the family has arthritis patients, as little as possible with Essential Oil Diffuser or simply do not. The other is the use of Essential Oil Diffuser in the process, to try to ensure that the use of Essential Oil Diffuser distance, to prevent ultrasonic radiation damage.
According to the respiratory experts, the human respiratory system has secretions produced, these secretions have antibacterial effect, can help people resist a certain disease violations. However, if the living environment is too dry, the respiratory mucosa for a long time in a dry state is likely to lead to respiratory infections, coughing, fever, etc., if serious or even lead to breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness and other serious consequences. The use of Essential Oil Diffuser can be a good way to adjust the room humidity, beneficial to the human body.
Experts remind the public, Essential Oil Diffuser to adjust the room humidity, but also pay attention to the correct use. The water injected into the Essential Oil Diffuser is preferably distilled or cool, because the treated water contains less impurities and people do not cause airway discomfort due to impurities in the inhaled water. If the direct use of tap water, containing water alkali affect both the life of Essential Oil Diffuser, but also on human health. Do not add aromatic agents in the water, fragrance contains ingredients easily lead to respiratory diseases, especially for people with a history of respiratory allergies to stimulate greater. Also pay attention to regular cleaning Essential Oil Diffuser, because some bacteria easy to survive in the hot and humid environment, if the Essential Oil Diffuser itself is not hygienic, bacteria with water vapor floating in the air, the same adverse health. People in the house should be opened when the Essential Oil Diffuser, if the advance or delay are difficult to play a role. When people fall asleep also require the air to have a certain degree of humidity, especially those who open mouth snoring, so the oil disperser should also continue to work while sleeping.
The working principle of this Essential Oil Diffuser is simple, plainly, is to boil water, so that water into the steam to the indoor, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. This type of Essential Oil Diffuser has the greatest advantage, that is certainly a sterile humidification, high purity, is indeed "pure Essential Oil Diffuser." As a result of this principle of humidification, the resulting water vapor can also rise to a sufficient height in the room, making the scope of the "benefits" of the secondary oil diffuser larger. In addition, the water vapor is actually people can not see, we can see in the past white "water vapor" is only in the air to spread the mist only.