• Large Aroma Diffuser

    Large Aroma Diffuser

    The Large Aroma Diffuser decomposes the water molecules and the dissolved plant essential oils into nanometer-sized cold mists with a diameter of 0.1-5 micrometers, which are distributed in the surrounding air to maintain a high humidity in the room, by the high-frequency oscillations generated by the ultrasonic oscillating device.It can also produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions, purifies the air, and achieves the aromatherapy effect.

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  • Mini Aroma Diffuser

    Mini Aroma Diffuser

    Mini Aroma Diffuser has compact size and is portable. It is suitable for office, home and travel use.It comebines diffuser and humidifier in one.Using ultrasonic atomization technology, It converts the water and essential oil to mist at a frequency of 2.4 Hz. The mist spreads evenly to bring out the fragrance of the essential oil to moisturize and purify the air.

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  • USB Aroma Diffuser

    USB Aroma Diffuser

    Cute and portable aroma diffuser design

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  • Car Aroma Diffuser

    Car Aroma Diffuser

    Portable and easy to operate aroma diffuser for car

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